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Are you familiar with the complications that can arise for your oral health teeth and gums due to gingivitis? Gingivitis is an oral health condition that is often characterized as an early stage of gum disease. When gum disease is present, an infection within your gums can lead to a downturn in your oral health and even cause eventual tooth loss. To help prevent gum disease from progressing further, look for various clues of gingivitis that begin to develop early on.

Gingivitis is frequently associated with bleeding gums. If your gums routinely bleed while engaging in common activities such as eating or brushing your teeth, it could be the result of a gum tissue infection. Other common visual clues include excessive redness with your gums, oral inflammation or other abnormal changes in the visual appearance of your gum tissues. In addition, the frequent occurrence of bad breath or tenderness in your gums can also develop as well.

Important causes to be aware of that can increase your risk for gingivitis include poor oral hygiene routines as well as bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. Furthermore, if you are pregnant, have genetic predispositions for gum disease or are taking any medications that can increase the risk for dry mouth, you may be at an increased risk for gingivitis as well.

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