With the introduction of several safe techniques, a dental appointment is not considered quite as dreadful an experience anymore. Many people avoid visiting a dentist out of fear. However, our caring dentists ensure that you get the best dental care without experiencing the fear and anxiety of pain. Both Congress Dental Group and Arlington Dental offer several mild sedation options and patient amenities to help increase your comfort and make your experience at our practice more pleasant. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Robert Page, Dr. Preetha Chally or Dr. John Boyle and to learn more about our sedation options in Boston or Arlington, Massachusetts, please contact us today at 617-574-8700 or 781-641-0500.

Our practice offers traditional sedation techniques, such as local anesthesia. We also offer drug-free relaxation techniques, such as massage chairs, to increase your comfort and to help you feel at ease during your treatment. Local anesthesia is usually administered topically, through injection, or through a combination of both techniques. It is used to relieve the sensation of pain in a small, localized area so that you do not experience discomfort during your procedure.

If you are someone with significant dental anxiety, these comfort options can be a great supplement to make your appointment with our dentists a pleasant experience. Contact us today for more information.