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When looking for different ways to improve your overall health, you should be aware of the risks associated with bad habits such as the application of mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry consists of lip and tongue rings that are placed in your mouth, often for aesthetic appeal. However, if you do decide to have a lip or tongue ring inserted into your mouth, be aware of the risks associated with it. Listed below are some of the common risk factors produced by mouth jewelry:

– Choking Hazards: Mouth jewelry is known to cause several choking hazards if they break off.
– Infectious Diseases: Infectious diseases such as endocarditis and hepatitis can be caused due to the application of mouth jewelry.
– Tooth Fractures: Mouth jewelry consist of hard pieces that may swing around your mouth and easily chip and crack your teeth.
– Tooth Sensitivity: If you have a hypersensitivity to metals, you could suffer allergic reactions due to mouth jewelry.
– Nerve Damage: When a tongue ring is inserted, it can hit crucial parts of your tongue and cause permanent nerve damage.
– Difficulties Cleaning Your Mouth: Mouth jewelry can make daily cleaning habits difficult for you and our dentist.

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